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What Is Web Development, And Why Might You Pursue It?

What Is Web Development, And Why Might You Pursue It? All you need to know about it.

We all use the Internet, but do you know everything there is to know about it? A lot goes into creating and upkeep your favorite websites, with web developers at heart. Let’s start with three questions if you want to be a web developer: What exactly is web development? What exactly does a web developer do? And is web development something you’d be interested in? Some characteristics of a web design and development company, such as job availability and base salary, make this option an excellent choice for anyone seeking a secure and well-paying job.

Then, continue reading to learn more about website development (and whether you should pursue it).

What Is Web Development?

Web development needs the creation and upkeep of websites. Web design, web content development, network security, coding, and other processes are part of the web development process.

Front-end development focuses on user-side features; back-end development focuses on data storage and security, or full-stack web development focuses on front-end and back-end processes.

What exactly do web developers do?

what is web development? web developers job

Let’s start with the fundamentals. You may know that web developers create websites, but there’s much more to it. Web developers must also analyze user needs to ensure that the appropriate content, graphics, and underlying structure are used to meet the goals of both the user and the website’s owner (BLS). 

Among the common responsibilities are:

  • Creating websites with authoring or scripting languages
  • Writing, designing, and editing webpage content or directing others to do so Identifying and correcting problems discovered through testing or user feedback
  • Converting written, audio, graphic, and video elements to web-friendly formats

What is Web Development Might, You Pursue It?

Web Developers Are in High Demand:

Today, having an online presence is critical to the success of any business or organization. But unfortunately, web design and development companies without a web developer must rely on drag & drop website builders such as Squarespace or a WordPress template.

While these may suffice for some businesses, many more rely on a web developer or team of developers to provide the unique, engaging, and well-designed experiences that consumers today expect. This is one of the reasons the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the NY web development industry will grow 23% faster than the overall economy by 2031.

Web Development Specializations:

A degree concentration allows you to specialize in a particular area of web development. Full-stack web development, web design, and web programming are all options. A web design and development company concentration can be beneficial if you want to pursue a specific niche in web development and stand out as a job candidate.

Web developers are adaptable:

Web development is a flexible way to break into the tech industry. You can work part-time as a freelancer to supplement your income while cultivating other opportunities. You can then turn that freelance work into your own business and build web pages.

On the other hand, you can join an established team and collaborate with others to create something amazing. Furthermore, the more programming languages you learn and the skills you gain, the more flexible you will become.

Web Development Certifications:

Certifications prove that you are proficient in a specific skill within web development and that you can meet industry standards. Consider pursuing certification to help you advance in your preferred area of web design and web Development Company in NYC.

Earning a certification can help potential employers recognize your skill set. There are a variety of general and vendor-specific options available, including:

  • Certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Developer
  • Adobe Certified Professional (ACE)
  • Zend Certified PHP Developer
  • Associate in Microsoft Certified Solutions (MCSD)

Web Development Degrees:

A career in web development can be obtained through various educational paths. Such as:

<strong>What Is Web Development, And Why Might You Pursue It?</strong>

Associate in Web Development:

These two-year programs focus on programming languages, design skills, and website applications. According to Payscale, people with associate degrees in web development earn around $60,000 per year on average. An associate degree in web development can cost around $7,000 to nearly $20,000.

Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development:

A Bachelor of Science degree in information technology or web development is the conventional path for budding web developers. While those with associate degrees can get entry-level web developer jobs.  some employers prefer bachelor’s degrees.

Professionals with bachelor’s degrees in web development earn an average of $76,000 annually. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or web development will take at least four years to complete and costs between $37,500 and $131,300 on average.

Web Development Master’s Degree:

Most master’s degrees are completed within two years, and you must hold a bachelor’s degree before continuing to pursue your master’s. Professionals with a master’s degree in computer science in web development earn around $92,000 per year on average. However, remember that this degree typically costs between $25,000 and $53,200, depending on whether your university is accredited.

Create a portfolio of web development work:

As a web developer, your portfolio is frequently one of the most important parts of your resume. This collection of projects demonstrates to potential employers what you can create. Include the types of projects that represent the work you want to do. If you include code, annotate it to show your thought process.

what is web development

Consider the Pros and Cons:

It is always important to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of any new career path. Web development has several benefits: Most people who enter the industry are looking for high earning potential, growth opportunities, and flexibility.

The competitive nature of the job market is one of the challenges for people interested in web development. While developers are in high demand, the caliber of coders is increasing, making it critical to stay updated on the latest tech trends and programming developments. However, it’s also highly specialized, which may be limiting for people who enjoy variety in their jobs.


Web development is a skill that is in high demand across all industries. Learning web development allows you to get your foot in the door anywhere, whether you want to work at a web design and development company, in finance, for the public sector, in healthcare, a creative agency, or a combination.

So, what steps must you take to become a web developer? It all starts with learning coding languages like JavaScript, HTML, Python, and CSS, which allow you to command the Internet. A bachelor’s degree is not required to enter the field of programming. Whether you want to study part-time or full-time, Eleven Fifty Academy’s web development boot camps provide a structured and immersive training environment to develop, grow, and practice these new skills.

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